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Layher all round scaffold, Versus tube & fitting scaffolding

Main Advantages of using the Layher All round System.

Layher Hop Up system allows speedy adaptions

Speed of Erection

It is estimated that using the Layher system, it is at least 3 times faster to erect the scaffold compared to traditional tube & fitting.

Layher internal crash decks give an ultra-safe working platform

Ease of alteration

Due to its modular design it is quick & easy to alter the scaffold compared to tube & fitting scaffold.

Because of the numerous different internal console arrangements it is easy to extend the inside console to suit the proposed or existing building line.

The system rings are set at 500mm intervals which allows the main platform to be erected in 2m lift heights and the internal console brackets set 500mm lower to suit the raising brickwork whilst still maintaining a full working platform below or above the working levels.

Unimpeded access to underside of crash decks

Superior loading capacity

Layher Allround System is engineered to allow greater loading capacity with far less components than tube & fitting scaffold.

Unimpeded access externally with no cross bracing

Built in safety features

Layher Allround system is generally bolt free and is not reliant on fittings which are based on friction to ensure their stability. All Layher components are rigorously tested and have DIN ISO 9001certification. Built in features such as LALO’s which prevent movement of the decking units. The pre-engineered loadings for all bay lengths & widths means there is little requirement to have fully designed and calculated drawings for most scaffolding structures.

On general construction scaffolds there is not a requirement to have diagonal ledger bracing, which means there is a clear unhindered access along the scaffold platforms.

External scaffold always stays ahead providing fall arrest

Weight of scaffold & components

Layher components are built of light weight high tensile hot dipped galvanised steel, which means that it is easier to manoeuvre and less labour  intensive to manually transport as well as mechanically lift.

There are far fewer components required to produce the same scaffold compared to tube & fitting scaffold.

Layher System is the all-round ultimate scaffolding solution

Knowledge & Support

Layher have over 65 years of experience in the production of this system scaffold and we have the full co-operation of Layher’s technical & design teams for any requirements we may have.


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